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Transport system without pallets

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article image Suitable for any forklift.

ELTETE TPM Slip Sheets/transfer sheets, available from Pallet-Lok , are made of high-quality kraft liner with good wet strength.

The multi-laminated material makes the Slip Sheets extremely tear and moisture resistant.

This transport and storing system, without pallets, is suitable such application as overseas shipments and intra-corporate deliveries.

Slip Sheets are already being used by many different businesses for a wide range of products.

Advantages include:

* Better use of space in containes and vehicles.

* Savings in freight rates due to more effective load weight.

* Minimum space required for the storage of sheets: 1000 Slip Sheets = 1m3; 1000 pallets = 70m3.

* No exchange of pallets and therefore no exchange costs.

* No need for material return means no return load.

* No repairs or losses.

* No administration or circulation control.

* Hygienic, recyclable, and economical.

To use slip sheets all that is required is a push/pull device, which can be obtained from the nearest forklift truck supplier.

The device is suitable for any standard forklift truck and the investment repays itself.

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