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Pallet washers available now from Pallet Control Australia

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Pallet Control Australia now have both conveyorised and single pallet washers available to suit a range of pallet washing applications.

On the conveyorised pallet washing model, pallets pass through a recirculating warm detergent wash, followed by a fresh rinse. This pallet washer is fitted with air knives to reduce water carry-over, and features automatic detergent dosing and automatic water temperature control feature thanks to a thermostat on the electric heating element.

Suitable for an pallet washing output of around 30 units per hour as standard, these conveyorised pallet washers are also available with an optional dispenser and stacker to increase the throughput up to 100 pallets per hour.

The single pallet washer does just that, washes single pallets at a time. This model is designed for warehouse operations where the occasional dirty pallet may come through and need to be used.

Single pallet washers feature a travelling spray bar which jets recirculated detergent over the full pallet area at 5 bars of pressure, and only require 240V of power for unheated washing and three phase power for heated washing, plus water and drainage.

Larger throughput single pallet washer models are also available from Pallet Control Australia.

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