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Pallet recovery - a lost cause?

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LOOKED at your invoices lately and wondered where have all the pallets gone? You know you don't have the quantity of pallets that you are being charged pallet hire for. If it's any consolation, you are not alone.

There are many causes for pallet losses but it often boils down to being too busy moving the freight to look after the valuable asset the freight is sitting on. The problem probably began a few or more years ago and slowly over time your pallet hire costs have increased.

Now every month you need to find money to pay for something you don't have, the cost of which has never been included in your business dealings and for which you will continue to pay until you do something about it.

Pallet Control Australia has been successfully controlling the pallet accounts for literally dozens of companies over many years and we believe we have (almost) seen it all.

If you experience sudden unexplained losses, or if you discover that pallets have not been managed in your business resulting in losses over time. If the above sounds familiar, it may well be worth your while, to contact us.

Our specialist recovery team has a vast knowledge in audit and recovery assessment. They will be able to evaluate and often locate where your losses have occurred and advise on the likelihood of the identified pallets being recovered.

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