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Pallet Control Australia’s lost equipment recovery

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A lot of businesses look at their hire equipment invoices and wonder where have all the pallets gone? They are probably paying hire on pallets they no longer have. Someone else is using them while they pay hire on them.

There are many causes for pallet losses. The most common is being too busy moving product to make the necessary recordings for pallets. Once started this is a problem that perpetuates until the task of catching up on paperwork is too big.

Have you looked at your pallet statements lately, have they been increasing, beyond normal growth? 

Pallet Control Australia has been successfully controlling the pallet accounts for many clients around Asutralia over many years and we have seen it all. One client had lost 30,000 pallets. Pallet Control successfully recovered 25,000 of them, with back-hire.

Pallet Control Australia’s specialist recovery team has a vast knowledge in audit and recovery assessment. They will be able to evaluate and often locate where your losses have occurred and advise on the likelihood of the identified pallets being recovered.

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