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M3 High Turnable and M4 Low Turnable Semi Automatic from Pallet Control Australia

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article image M3/M4 semi automatics

M3/M4 semi automatics have selected wrap cycles (You can choose how many layers of film you want on your pallet).

The M3 has sophisticated electronics and designed to have minimal operator supervision. After tying the stretchwrap to the pallet the M3 does the rest.

M3/M4 semi automatics from Pallet Control Australia have a quiet operation with a specially designed lifting mechanism. The wrapping program works with the use of a photoelectric eye that reads the height of the pallet.

The M3/M4 is specially designed to interrupt the wrapping program at any time to engage different options such as the banding function without effecting the continuation of the wrap.

The variable turntable speed gives you the option to change the film overlap while the wrapping pgrogram is in motion.

A banding facility can wrap more stretchwrap in specific areas of the pallet that need more support. A pause mode for top sheets is also included in the standard model. The turntable always stops in the home position.

The film carriage has pre-stretch rollers for greater film economy. If you don't want to use all the special features, the M3 will still wrap your pallet using its own program at the push of a button.

Optional features:

  • Extra long base from to accommodate pallets up to 2m wide
  • Capable of supporting a 200kg load
  • Variable speed turntable to assist with unstable loads
  • For light loads, a support clamp on top of the goods secures them while they are in motion

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