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Pine softwood and Australian hardwood collars from Pallet Collars Australia

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Pallet Collars Australia  provides different types of packaging systems. Various types of pallet collar packaging systems from Pallet Collars Australia include Australian hardwood Supa Tuff pallet collars, Pine softwood pallet collars and Laminated Fir pallet collars. Australian hardwood pallet collars are manufactured from Australian grown hardwood having thicknesses of about 19 millimetres and 22 millimetres. These collars have strong construction and durability.

Pine softwood collars from Pallet Collars Australia are manufactured from plantation grown pine with thickness of about 20.5 millimetres. These packaging systems have been specifically designed to suit medium to heavy duty applications. Laminated Fir pallet collars from Pallet Collars Australia have been manufactured using laminated timber with 20 millimetres thick edge. These are constructed with the aid of waterproof glues. Laminated Fir pallet covers provided by Pallet Collars Australia possess lightweight construction and suitable for light as well as medium duty applications. These packaging systems can be used for one way trips.

Pallet Collars Australia offers several optional accessories in conjunction with packaging systems. These optional accessories include bin brackets, liner bags, inner partitions and lid. The lid is used for the separation of product and also reduces brushing. Bin brackets can be used for locking the collars together.

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