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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Wholesale and Distribution Software from Palladium Technology

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Successful wholesale and distribution businesses keep their heads above water in a volatile global economy by achieving greater return from fewer resources and delivering excellent, yet profitable customer service.  

Global competition, increased customer expectations as well as mounting energy, transportation and storage costs are some of the challenges faced by businesses in the wholesale and distribution industry.  

In an environment of constant flux, daily operations can often present problematic issues that can be resolved only if the business has the flexibility to identify and deal with them immediately.  

ERP solutions tailored specifically to meet the company’s demands and provided by a proven industry specialist can help overcome these challenges.  

Unfortunately, the majority of the wholesale and distribution industry that require industry specific functionality are left in the dark by their ERP or accounting software providers.  

Although useful in the early days, generic entry level accounting packages lack the extensive functionality that many wholesalers and distributors require. Of these elements, stock control is one of the most fundamental cogs in any wholesale or distribution operation.  

Distribution companies need functionality that revolves around sustaining ideal levels of inventory, as well as enabling rapid transfer of products.  

Key requirements of ERP systems:   

  • Effortless reporting and monitoring of stock across multiple locations
  • Accurate stock forecasting to provide critical support for present-day just-in-time operating environment
  • Ability to predict sales and usage to benefit distributors dealing with large volumes of finished goods inventory
  • Ability to forecast future sales based on factors such as sales history averages, customer schedules and annual growth, enabling optimum stock levels to be maintained Fulfil customers' expectations for delivery without tying up cash in unnecessarily high stock levels
  • Automatic creation of purchase orders to support predicted sales to further reduce administration costs

Palladium Technology has been offering ERP solutions in the New Zealand market for over 15 years, catering to several clients in the wholesale and distribution industry.  

Rupert Ralston, marketing manager at Palladium Technology explains that the company follows a philosophy of personalised approach to their customers by taking the time to learn and understand the unique characteristics of their business.  

Palladium Technology also ensures that the implementation of the Wholesale and Distribution software is always completed within the client’s budget and timeframe.  

Palladium Technology provides tailor made ERP solutions to companies, allowing them to take control of their business and realise return on investment.

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