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Chemical Resistant filters and blood component transfer bags from Pall Australia

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Pall Australia  provides separation, purification as well as filtration equipment to various industries including air and gas barrier filters, bags, capsule filters and centrifugal devices. Pall Australia provides different types of air and gas barrier filters. Chemical Resistant filters have been specifically used for the delivery of sterile air to patients. Features of this air and gas barrier filter include HEPA rated filter media, rugged polypropylene housing, high particulate loading capability, high flow rates and autoclavable filter. The rugged polypropylene housing of this filter enables it to withstand high pressure, high temperature as well as aggressive solvents. Various applications of Chemical Resistant filters from Pall Australia include insufflations, oxygen concentration, nebulisation and oxygenation purposes.

Pall Australia offers different types of bags that include blood component transfer bags, cord blood cell wash bag sets, cord blood freezing bags and white blood collection as well as component storage systems. Blood component transfer bags and pooling sets from Pall Australia have been specifically designed for either harvesting or pooling red blood cells, platelets as well as plasma components. These transfer bags are available in sizes ranging from 300 millilitres to about 1000 millilitres. The tubing leads of these bags comprise of attached transfer spikes as well as compatible to be used in conjunction with sterile connection devices.

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