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@RISK software tool from Palisade Asia-Pacific

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Palisade Asia-Pacific  specialises in the design of risk as well as decision analysis software. Risk and decision analysis tools designed by Palisade Asia-Pacific include @RISK for Excel, @RISK for Project as well as DecisionTools suite.

@RISK software tool provided by Palisade Asia-Pacific has been specifically designed to perform risk analysis. This software tool performs risk analysis with the aid of Monte Carlo simulations. The Monte Carlo simulations generate the possible outcomes in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet thereby depicting the probability of these outcomes as to when and how it occurs. @RISK 5.0 is a redesigned version of @RISK software tool comprising of features such as revamped interface as well as robust analyses including insurance function as well as new Six Sigma.

@RISK software tool designed by Palisade Asia-Pacific has the capability to analyse risks as well as uncertainty issues of various industries including finance and securities, insurance, oil, gas, energy, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, government as well as defence industries. @RISK 5.0 risk and decision analysis software designed by Palisade Asia-Pacific incorporates varied features such as model window, scatter plots, adding outputs, correlations, simulations and sampling, distribution fitting, convergence monitoring, data reports, clear data, excel reports, filtering, sensitivity analysis and many other functions.

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