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Paint Protection - I did it myself.

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Paint protection is a term you would have heard of if you have bought a new car recently. It is an add-on product that the dealer tries to sell you, and of course it is not cheap. However, as expensive as it is, you realise that it may be worth while, if paint protection actually does what it is claims to do. No more waxing, mirror shine, easy clean and maintenance and of course protection from UV rays, acid rain and other contaminants all sound great. The dealer also says it will increase resale value and keeps your car looking like new, and then you seriously realise it may actually be worthwhile.

My problem was that I actually believed all of these claims, but I was buying a used car, not a new one. The other problem was that the $1,000 it costs was too much as I had already gone over budget with my new, used car.

I seriously wanted paint protection as my previous car was scorched by the sun and my new car would have the same fate as it would be parked outside also. So I got onto the net, and came across exactly what I wanted.

Lucky for me they were just up the road, so I paid them a visit. After an hour with the guy there, I was blown away. I came into the shop, and there was this black BMW that was 5 years old which was driven every day. It had paint protection since new and now I clearly understood what they mean by increase sales value. This car's paint was in showroom condition.

The owner of Paint Protection Direct spent some serious time explaining and demonstrating what paint protection actually does. I witnessed a cigarette burn not penetrating the cars paint, and the paint protection film offers protection up to 400 degrees Celsius. It also protects against brake fluid. Ok, I don't expect my car to be thrown into a furnace or to have brake fluid thrown onto it, but if it offers this type of protection from these harsh elements, it will surely protect against less harsher elements like the suns heat, acid rain and acidic bird droppings.

I was sold. They offered to do professional paint protection for me at half the cost of the dealer, however, they also have DIY kits, which is what I went for.

The DIY Kit cost me just over $168.00. You can get a pro-style orbiter polisher to make things easier, though it is not necessary. It took me just under 4 hours, and I had a perfect showroom looking car. The process actually removes light scratches and swirls marks as well, I couldn't be happier with the results.

I have full paint protection on a used car for under $250, and I keep the orbiter polisher!

I can wash my car on the street with a few buckets of water, and a damp cloth. The dirt just falls off, one wipe and it's gone, and it looks newly polished each time after a simple wash. My car has been sitting in the sun and rain for a year now, and everyone who sees it thinks it is a new car, even though it is six years old. Though washing my car could be even easier, with the company telling me that they are releasing a non-scratch waterless system in January.

It a nutshell, paint protection has been extremely worthwhile, and it doesn't have to be expensive. If you want to protect your investment, I seriously recommend you look into paint protection, and if you are on a budget DIY kits are the way to go.

Written by a freelance writer - customer of Paint Protection Direct.

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