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PACLINK has announced the release of RAD Data Communications' new version of the RIC-E1, RIC-T1 interface convertors.

In addition to serving as a converter between serial (V.35, X.21, V.36, RS-530) and E1/T1 interfaces, the RIC-E1 and RIC-T1 have been enhanced to support the growing need for bridging between SDH/SONET networks and LAN and IP networks.

When equipped with the IR-10/100 interface module, the new RIC-E1 and RIC-T1 transparently connect distant LANs and VLANs over unframed E1/T1 links, ensuring full utilisation of the E1/T1 bandwidth.

The built-in bridge filters Ethernet/Fast Ethernet frames, forwarding only frames destined to the WAN. The user can also configure the module to block broadcast and multicast messages.

The RIC-E1 and RIC-T1 can operate as full-service IP gateways, forwarding IP packets to the IP network and connecting local IP networks to public networks at full E1/T1 speed. The IP gateway functionality prevents broadcast to the WAN and enables LAN users to register for an IP multicast group.

The RIC-E1 and RIC-T1 are available in a compact, newly designed chassis.

Available from Paclink the RIC-E1 and RIC-T1 are $1,200 each.

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