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Wide range of industrial equipments for hire from Packserv Australia

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When Nathan Wardell launched Packserv earlier this year, a rental business comprising of a large new rental fleet specialising in hiring filling, printing, labelling, capping and air compressing equipment (for all kinds of liquids, pastes and creams), he knew he would deliver a set of services to his clients, a different style of rental business, one that focused on tailoring its services to suit its clients.

“In today’s economic climate people want to see their dollar go further, I know I look for suppliers who can offer me more than just the product or service they are advertising. I too am looking for value-add services that in turn improve my ability to better assist my clients”.

Nathan’s vision was to redefine the experience and common perceptions attached to renting machinery. Nathan wanted his clients to experience a fresh approach, a service based on their needs (from small start-up businesses to global companies), that included not only renting the machine but also services that were traditionally attached to buying machines.

It is easy to see the Partnership qualities in Packserv when reading through their extensive list of services on the company website, some include training machine operators, consultation on tender responses and proposals (as well as attending pitches), assessment of design and layout of production facilities as well as evaluating the capabilities of each line item or station in terms of efficiency and output, 24 hours emergency phone support and customised parts and accessories.

“I make a point of featuring my clients and suppliers in our monthly newsletters to generate market awareness. Our clients have the opportunity to review supplier products and our suppliers can see how their products are being used by our clients - interlinking the packaging industry and making the marketplace a smaller place to operate in successfully. I enjoy promoting my suppliers and clients, I hope I am adding value to their business.”

Nathan’s ability to focus on client needs so empathetically comes from his many years experience operating a basic rental business in the packaging industry.

“I understand that time is precious and everyone is now working longer hours, increasing their productivity and looking for ways to become more efficient. If clients are being held up with businesses that can’t provide services quickly then they fail to help that client achieve their goals in an often tight production schedule.”

“We want to ensure that our clients don’t get held up with bothersome issues such as machines breaking down, slow delivery, troubleshooting relating to production output or repair of machines”.

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