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Semi-Automatic Cap Tightening (AC-1) machine available from Packserv

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article image The Semi-Automatic Cap Tightening (AC-1) machine

The Semi-Automatic Cap Tightening (AC-1) machine, available from Packserv , is air operated, fully torque adjustable and has a variety of chucks and attachments to suit every screw top closures.

The Capper is commonly used to tighten screw, pump, mist, trigger, push, witches hat and snap closures. It will comfortably run at 15 units per minute. This machine is also available as a Conveyor Mounted, Automatic Inline Machine (AAC-1) that comes with jaws, gates and sensors to allow continuous operation achieving between 20 to 60 units per minute depending on the type of production.

These machines are made by Asset Packaging and are of 316 stainless steel and aluminium construction. They are suitable across all manufacturing industries including food, cosmetic
and pharmaceutical industry.

Packserv also carry the Pumptite Cap Tightening Units (PT-7), which are designed for tightening triggers, spray, cream dispenser pumps and other types of closures that cannot be tightened by standard overhead tightening chucks.

The Pumptite unit can be mounted on any standard Asset cap tightening machine as the same unit fits both the automatic and semi-automatic machines.

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