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Packserv’s Capping Machines Suit All Closures

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article image Automatic Inline Machine

Packserv Australia  offers a range of capping machines by Asset Packaging Machines designed for diverse capping applications.  

Automatic inline machines come with jaws, gates and sensors to allow continuous operation, achieving 20 - 60 units per minute depending on the type of production.  

Semi-automatic bench-top cap tightening machines, also from Asset Packaging Machines are air operated as well as fully torque adjustable and feature a variety of chucks and attachments to suit any screw top closure.  

Some of the more popular screw top closures that these capping machines tighten include screw, pump, mist, trigger-pack, witches hat and snap. These capping machines can operate comfortably at 15 units per minute.  

Technomax capping machines cap ROPP (roll on pilfer proof) applications such as wine bottles and ROTE (roll on tamper evident) applications such as olive oil bottles.  

Closures suitable for Technomax cappers include:

  • Screw capping
  • ROPP capping
  • ROTE capping
  • Wine/ Olive oil caps
  • Pumptite/ trigger
  • Induction sealing
  • Tube sealing

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