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article image Asset CV-6 conveying machine from Packserv

Packserv  provides the Enercon Super Seal, which is a robust, portable and very reliable induction sealing machine (single phase). Mounted onto a trolley it can be easily moved to position over a continuously running slat or belt type conveyor. Packserv also supply a conveyor line if required.

Induction sealing is an effective and versatile solution to maintain a sterile or sealed environment in which products can be contained far beyond their normal shelf life. It is a non-contact heating process that consists of a small metallic or foil disc being placed in between the inside of the cap and top of the bottle/container.

Induction sealing has many applications in popular industries such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health care, veterinary, automotive and industrial - products ranging from cooking oil, tablets, milk, sauce, drinks, cheese, detergents, dried goods (eg.nuts, chocolate), spreads, condiments and
deserts. The process is carried out in two parts, supply of power to the machine and the transfer of that power to the sealing head where it creates an electromagnetic field which heats the foil to melt the polymer coating that welds it to the top of the container. In the two piece induction seal it would also melt the wax layer above which is absorbed into the pulp or cardboard layer releasing the foil, so the cap can be removed without upsetting the foil.

There are different types of induction seal, namely two piece and one piece, two piece is where a secondary seal is left inside the cap after the induction seal has been applied, enabling a soft surface with which to seal the container after opening, the one piece seal does not leave anything behind and so relies on the cap and bottle to create their own seal if required after opening.

The special features of Asset CV-6 conveying machine:-
Packserv provide container handling systems such as unscrambling and accumulation tables and slat conveyors. Conveyors are single phase electric powered, speed adjustable & custom parts are available for unique applications. Tables are designed to reduce the number of operators required to load and pack off from an automatic line. Containers can be randomly placed on the unscrambling table where they are automatically fed to the conveyor for filling, capping or labelling. The accumulation table collects the containers at the outfeed end of the conveyor for packing off into cartons etc. Table tops are approx 1200mm in diameter HDPE. Designed for handling round, stable or plastic containers.

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