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Automatic Filling Machines from Packserv Australia

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article image Asset Packaging Four Head Automatic Filling Machine

Packserv Australia  offers a line of automatic filling machines from Asset Packaging Machines.  

Automatic filling machines are available in options such as four-head automatic filling machines, automated twin filling machines and bench-top volumetric fillers.  

Four-head automatic filling machines  

The four-head automatic fillers for liquids and lotions from Asset Packaging Machines offer user-friendly operation and a fill range from 5ml to 5 litres.  

User-friendly features include easy adjustment for fill volumes and nozzle heights as well as clearly marked controls for trouble-free operation.  

These portable filling machines are mounted on castors and need not be fixed or bolted onto existing production lines. The automated fillers are simply rolled over the production line to begin operation.  

All parts are easy to dissemble without tools. Other features include fast running speed up to 60 units per minute, pneumatic operation and ‘Bottom Up Fill’.  

Automatic twin filling machines  

Considered more versatile than the four-head automatic fillers, the twin filling machines can be easily adapted to suit a broader range of applications within minutes.  

Key features

  • Multiple intake methods including hopper and T-inlet for overhead tanks
  • Suitable for hot fills up to 90ºC
  • Handles pastes and thick, slow-moving products
  • Fast speed at over 60 units per minute
  • Quick changeover of parts
  • Portable and pneumatic system
  • ‘Bottom Up Fill’ capabilities

AV 3 volumetric fillers  

AV 3 volumetric fillers have been newly introduced to the fleet by Asset Packaging Machines. These bench-top automatic filling machines are suitable for products that froth or layer and fold. These fillers can also be mounted on conveyors and offer ‘Bottom Up Fill’ capabilities. 

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