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Paperboard tray forming machine

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article image The Sprinter MP-HT machine.

THE Sprinter MP-HT, available from Packovation , uses hot air to form a consumer-sized, conical tray, with separate or hinged lid, from a pre-cut, flat paperboard blank.

Called the Traytite tray, it has web corners, which makes it tight up to the rim.

The Sprinter MP-HT comes with one, two or three forming tools, subject to tray size. To achieve a nicely shaped tray with flanges, the forming is done in two steps.

In step one conical trays are formed by means of hot air. In step two, the tray flanges are positively folded for optimal sealing and final appearance.

The fact that each tool can also be made adjustable for trays with different heights (same top measure) means a range of different tray volumes can be used.

Safety and hygiene

The Sprinter MP-HT former is designed using stainless and corrosion free materials.

The machine is equipped with guards of unbreakable Polycarbonate and has doors on the sides and at the back to provide an easy access.

Key features include:

* Medium or large-volume production.

* Safe, reliable and accurate forming.

* Made in stainless steel.

* High-quality flanged trays done in one machine.

Like all machines from Sprinter the MP-HT fulfils the EU Machine Directive, and is CE-marked.

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