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Range of tray sealing equipment available from Packaging Automation

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The name of Packaging Automation has long been a watchword for tray sealing expertise among the UK's food companies but now the non-food sector is sitting up and taking notice of the excellence and reliability of the company's products and after-sales service.

Packaging Automation equipment is distributed in Australia by MPI and this new installation is helping a company which supplies livestock tags to the UK farming community to keep costs down in the face of a new postal charging system introduced recently.

Ritchey plc, a supplier of identification tags for cattle and sheep, has hired PA210 tray sealer after carrying out extensive tests to find a new packaging method for the thousands of tags it posts to farmers weekly.

With new strictures on size and bulk of items, Ritchey found its mail bill in danger of trebling if it continued using its traditional packaging of straightforward padded bags, so it looked around for an alternative which would keep costs down.

Ritchey needed something to fit through a 25mm slot so it could send out one or two replacement tags without trebling the postal charge. Ritchey can send out up to 1,000 individual tags a day, though the average is 250-300, so keeping costs down matters.

It did extensive research and tried lots of ideas. Finally it was referred to Packaging Automation through tray supplier Pregis and they did extensive trials with it, using PA210 machine. Ritchey had to get round one or two problems, like ensuring the tray lid was not pierced by the tag's point, which was achieved by ensuring tags were put face-down in the tray, and everything is working well.

Ritchey has been delighted with the results and is considering extending the use of tray sealing across the range of Ritchey's tags, which could mean more work for Packaging Automation. Hiring the PA210 is another big plus of the PA deal according to Ritchey, which has been impressed with the packaging company's work and support across the board, notably the speed at which it operated. Little over a week after it was ordered the PA210 had been installed.

The bench-mounted machine, which seals reel-fed film, pre-cut film or board lids to preformed trays and containers, and features ease of tool change plus consistency of seal quality, is just one of an extensive range of tray sealing equipment available from Packaging Automation.

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