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Packaging Automation (MPI) offer Fastfill solution for ice cream producers

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Packaging Automation (UK), whose equipment is distributed by Packaging Automation (MPI) in Australia, are targeting ice-cream manufacturers with their Fastfill volumetric container filling and sealing equipment, following design developments, which have increased the versatility of the range.

The Fastfill line-up enables a machine to meet all levels of production. It is available in a variety of payment options including hire and lease purchase, making it a suitable solution for companies that experience seasonal peaks in demand for their products.

The compact Fastfill40 is suitable for small volume production, while the higher capacity Fastfill60 and Fastfill100 machines are suitable for medium and higher levels of output. All the machines are manufactured from stainless steel with an open lay out and easy to remove parts to help access all areas for cleaning. Pot size changes are quickly accommodated giving added flexibility.

Following design developments to the filling nozzles by company’s technical experts, each machine can meet the demands of ice cream manufacturers producing a variety of tub formats and sizes from small individual serving pots right up to large 1kg tubs.

Apart from plain, flavoured and ripple varieties, the Fastfill machines can also be used for ice cream containing inclusions that are popular as consumer demand for more indulgent products continues to increase. Standard or spooned lids, typical in individual serving tubs, can also be accommodated.

In another technological breakthrough, the volumetric range of machines can now be used for modified atmosphere packaging, increasing its versatility. The advance comes following extensive trials to extend the shelf life of a new drink product, where they were able to consistently achieve residual oxygen levels below 1%.

According to Mark Leaning, Product Manager for volumetric equipment at Packaging Automation, the design developments introduced for the Fastfill range make it suitable for ice cream and frozen yogurt products. As demand in some parts of the sector tend to be seasonal, the hiring services provided by the company is a benefit to customers.

The Fastfill range is constantly developing and becoming more versatile. As well as being suitable for ice cream, Fastfill equipment is being used for filling soups, sauces, desserts, dips and can easily handle dry products such as confectionery, nuts, cereals as well as non-food products.

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