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Tray denester from Australian packaging specialist

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Looking for a productivity edge in tray denesting? The Speed Disp has arrived.

The new innovative Speed Disp tray denester has arrived in Australia.

Packaging Automation Pty Ltd (Aus.) is the Australian distributor for this innovative and reliable tray denester. The Speed-Disp’s patented design ensures reliable separation of closely stacked trays at speeds never seen before. Difficult trays such as aluminum foil trays, plastic clamshells and trays with a raised flange are handled with ease.

This innovative system is ideal in a fresh meat environment for beef, chicken and seafood packing operations as well as the ready meal production environment.

Marty Rodgers, Packaging Automation’s Managing Director, explains: “Most machines on the market require up to 5mm gap between trays, but the Speed-Disp separates trays down to a space of less than 1mm, and still dispenses at 70 p/min for the standard model and up to 120 p/min for the upgraded version, (tray dependant).

“The advantages are clear, less space between the trays mean more trays in the box, which equates to more trays on a pallet and therefore more trays on a truck. So not only can we reduce labour and increase productivity on the production line, but our customers also have the potential to save on freight! In this competitive market, every bit helps. Payback is typically between 6 – 12 months.“

Its stainless steel construction is suitable for low and high risk environments and full wash down procedures. It is pneumatically operated, only requiring a signal from an electric valve to cycle the Speed-Disp. It can receive that signal from other equipment, such as a tray sealing machines, or it can be fitted with its own PLC and can be integrated to operate from a signal received from a proximity switch connected to a conveyor bearing.

Difficult trays such as aluminum foil trays with a raised flange or rolled edge and closely stacked trays, even with a slight overhang are handled with a positive dispensing action without the need for vacuum heads and suckers.

No tools changeover between tray sizes is implemented by swapping the dispenser head and can be done in less than 1min by the operator. No adjustments are necessary and therefore, no opportunity for error.

Packaging Automation is able to assist OEM products and are happy to work with suppliers of other equipment, such as modified atmosphere equipment, to enhance productivity of their systems.

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