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C1250 pad inserter machines from Packaging Automation Pty Ltd (Aus.)

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C1250 pad inserter machines are available for purchase from Packaging Automation Pty Ltd (Aus.) . Their modular design incorporates precision ground urethane drive rollers which are turned by a brushless servo motor. This motor is very accurate and low maintenance.

Other construction features of these inserter machines include precision ball bearings which do not need to be lubricated and a guide that directs the material from the drive rollers into the knife assembly area. This knife assembly is made up of a shear cut rotary unit whose blades are made from thru hardened D-2 tool steel.

The entire assembly is mounted on a base plate which ensures it maintains proper alignment at all times. Operation of these pad inserter machines can be continuous or on-demand and they can be mounted very easily either over or alongside production lines. The rolls are easy to load compared to the cut product and multiple drops per package are possible. Also automation of this process reduces the demand for labour.

Their online service package includes the following:

  • Webcam for real-time viewing of service requirements
  • UPS cable and interface which allows a certified technician to remotely perform software updates and trouble shoot units

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