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DIY packaging solutions from Pack & Send

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Pack & Send  offers different types of packaging services. These professional packaging services include buy boxes, DIY packaging, cases, boxes, foam-in-place as well as crates. Foam-in-place packaging method provided by Pack & Send incorporates the usage of injected material. This injected material has the capability to self expand within the box thereby enabling to fit any item. The foam-in-place packaging method provides a secure as well as custom cradle like package. The unique advantage of this packaging method is its ultra light weight feature.

Buy boxes and packaging supplies provided by Pack & Send include moving boxes, tapes, accessories, bubble wraps as well as cushioning, wine packaging, moving kits and space bags. DIY packaging solutions from Pack & Send include padded as well as non padded mailing envelopes, mailing tubes and wine packs. Wine packs provided by Pack & Send have been specifically designed for packing standard sized bottle of either champagne or wine. Pack & Send also offers custom designed packs in order to suit disfigured bottles and items. Various other DIY packaging solutions from Pack & Send include void fill, fragile stickers, marker pens, cutting knives, strapping materials and packing tapes.

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