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Plastic suppliers Pacific West now supply Lanox mx4 Heavy duty lubricant

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Plastic suppliers Pacific West Corporation now supply Lanox mx4.

Lanox is a heavy duty lanolin lubricant. Lanolin is a natural wax found in animal wool, which has been used for centuries for waterproofing.

Inox Fabrications now make Lanox, a similar product to their mx3 lubricant, but with the added lanolin.

Lanox is sometimes better suited for certain applications, e.g. it will not effect rubber.

Some key benefits of Inox mx3 are:

  • Harmless to metal points or surfaces, plastics, painted and enamel finishes, fibreglass, formica, rubber or neoprene seals
  • Contains no silicon, acid, kerosene or dieselene
  • Will not gum up, become gooey or sticky
  • Will not wash off with water
  • Is non-conductive, non-static and non-corrosive
  • Heavy duty anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant
  • Made with high grade lubricating oil and lanolin base with specialised chemical compounds
  • Has neutral properties, low flammability (non-aerosol)

Uses of Lanox mx4:

  • Aluminium cutting tools
  • Anchors, chains and shackles
  • Bare metal surfaces
  • Battery terminals and cables
  • Boat trailers
  • Chains and sprockets
  • Floats and tools
  • Firearms (storage only)
  • Leather harnesses and boots
  • Outboard motors and jet skis
  • Plastic bumpers
  • Pool pumps and equipment
  • Roller doors and sliding windows
  • Stops concrete sticking to windows and frames
  • Tapping and thread cutting
  • Timber preservative
  • Trailer axels and springs
  • Trailer chassis and couplings
  • Vinyl dashboards
  • Winches and wire ropes
  • Compatible for use with other Pacific West plastics

Availability of Lanox mx4:

300g aerosol can 5, 20 and 205 litre containers  

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