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Solar power wins green award

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PACIFIC Solar 's Plug&Power rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system has won the inaugural Green Globe Award for Innovation in Solar Energy awarded by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority of NSW.

Accepting the award, Pacific Solar deputy chairman Ed Blackadder said the award recognised the Australian innovation embodied in Plug&Power - the world's first, fully integrated, rooftop solar system designed as an appliance.

“Plug&Power makes it easy for householders to play their part in the fight against global warming. Now they can go solar to generate some of their electricity from the sunlight falling on their roofs without noise or pollution and feed any surplus into the local electricity supply grid."

Some of the features of Plug&Power include a module inverter mounted behind each PV panel to convert the panel's dc electricity output to mains quality ac electricity capable of powering up lights and appliances.

Each inverter communicates its performance over the same ac wiring to a Sunlogger which, amongst other things, displays the amount of electricity generated, both current and historic, as well as the carbon dioxide saved by generating solar electricity.

Plug&Power lays flat over existing roofs and uses frameless PV panels each of which is supported by a hidden rooftop mount to further improve the overall appearance of the system. The rooftop mounts also hold each inverter which simply connect together using plug and socket wiring.

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