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Solar power system - a step ahead

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PACIFIC Solar's Plug&Power system is an appliance that generates electricity rather than uses it. Designed from the rooftop-up by engineers and industrial designers, the system is securely mounted over the existing roof in an aesthetically appealing manner.

The Plug&Power system makes an environmental statement that can't be missed. Its highly visible, sleek laminated sheets, are arranged on the roof reveaing a matrix of cool, dark-blue glass.

Because the system is modular the owner has the option of starting with as many or as few modules as they choose. Modules can be literally 'plugged in' as desired to build up to self-sufficiency.

The amount of clean, green energy produced is then displayed on a Sunlogger monitor. The Sunlogger is mounted in the home and allows easy access for the owner as well as being visible to visitors.

The monitor is a slim grey unit that has been designed to blend harmoniously into the home. Simple symbols, graphs and a smiley face, mean the data is easy to interpret.

It provides a range of information including energy produced each day, carbon dioxide saved, historical statistics and system performance.

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