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Water quality monitoring systems available from Pacific Sensor Technologies

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article image Magic XBC-E laboratory configuration with wireless communication

Pacific Sensor Technologies  offer the GRYF range of water quality monitoring systems for field or laboratory. The GRYF range is known as ‘System Magic’, and includes wireless and wired electrodes.

The Magic measuring system was designed to measure water qualities such as pH,
conductivity, ORP, ISE, temperature, O2 and chlorine. The Magic measuring system has the ability to measure several values at the same time (real time).

Three versions of the Magic system are available. The Magic XBM is a portable, hand-held unit used for outdoor measuring. The Magic XBC and XBC-E are both laboratory measuring instruments. The Magic XBC-E is a complete wireless system.

Using WI-FI technology, wireless probes can be moved around a 10 to 70m parameter, ensuring a quick and safe way to measure in the laboratory. With the fully charged battery lasting up to 40 hours and the ability to use a cable connection as well, power loss is not an option. The software will display four values at the same time (real time) along with the temperature reading for each value. The time and date can be set by the operator.

Time intervals for how often the system is to store measurements can also be set between once every second to once every 999 hours. The lowest and highest point measured is displayed for each value. With the ability to store measured data in an endless amount of files (which can be named), this system is also suitable for schooling purposes. Another available software function is the bar graph, which allows the user to view the measured values in a graph form.

The unique software function in the Magic measuring system is the ‘distant computer monitoring’. This software allows the user to log on to the internet and view the values being measured from anywhere around the world. Also available is the GSM software, which enables the measured values to be sent through GSM to a user’s PC or cell phone. The interface is equipped with four power outlets which can be used to control other equipment or alarms.

An operator can set a certain limit to each value being measured. Once the value is reached, the power outlet, which was chosen for that value, is activated.

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