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VR-51 Top Mount Vibrating Rods Extend up to 19 Feet

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article image VR-51 Top Mount Vibrating Rod

Pacific Sensor Technologies  introduces the VR-51 top mount extended vibrating rods featuring a flexible extension that reaches up to 19 feet.    

The VR-51 extended vibrating rod from Pacific Sensor Technologies uses a steel-rope reinforced cable and allows for insertion lengths from 19 inches up to 19 feet.  

VR-51 vibrating rods with flexible extensions are custom manufactured to the desired length specification at the BinMaster factory.  

Designed for top-mount applications, the vibrating rods are used to detect materials that are heavy, medium or lightweight including light and fluffy consistencies.  

VR-51 extended vibrating rods are typically used for level measurement applications in tanks and silos.

Key features of BinMaster VR-51 vibrating rods: 

  • Unique single-rod probe design with a sword-shaped blade to help prevent the bridging of material
  • Superior to typical ‘tuning fork’ designs by allowing material to easily flow by and prevent build-up on the blade
  • Self-cleaning level sensors
  • Switch selectable high/low fail-safe function
  • Auto sensing power supply accommodating 20V – 250V AC/DC
  • Remote electronics via a point level alarm panel available to alert to bin levels for 4-24 individual sensors

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