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Pacific Sensor Technologies introduces pH meters

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Pacific Sensor Technologies has introduced pH meters to measure a liquid’s acidity and alkalinity; pH is one of the most common parameter measured in a wide variety of industries.
Pacific Sensor Technologies can supply pH meters ranging from water and wastewater treatment, chemical production, agriculture research and production, environmental monitoring, chemical and life sciences research, biochemical and pharmaceutical research, electronics production to food processing, and other industrial applications.
Pacific Sensor Technologies offers a wide range of pH meters that measure pH values in various educational, laboratory and industrial applications. The pH meters of Pacific Sensor Technologies include the pHTestr 10, 20 and 30 pocket testers, portable meters CyberScan Series pH 300, pH 310, pH 11 and pH 110, EcoScan pH 6 and the CyberScan bench meter series 510, 1100, 2100, 1500, and the colour touch screen research-grade series 6000.

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