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Pacific Sensor Technologies introduces Vertical Extensions for Rotary Paddles

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Pacific Sensor Technologies  has released vertical rotary extensions for high level detection in the BMRX series rotary paddle switches.

Top-of-bin mounting for rotaries is ideal when the rotary is used as a high level alarm. Solid material will tend to be higher at the filling point, but most operators don’t want any bin filled to the very top, allowing for a specified amount of headroom in the bin.  

Manufactured by  Bin Master, BRMX rotary paddle bin level indicators available from Pacific Sensor Technologies are designed to provide reliable point level detection and measurement of dry bulk solids in bins, tanks, silos, hoppers and conveyors for materials such as grain, feed, plastic pellets, cement and aggregates.  

Mounted on the top or side of a bin, BMRX rotary paddles alert operators when the bins are full, eliminating the risk associated with manually checking bin levels.  

When the material is not in contact with the paddle, the paddle rotates freely. When the paddle comes into contact with dry bulk material, the paddle stops rotating and sends an audible or visual signal to alert the operator that the bin is full. 

BMRX series rotary paddles enable de-energised operation of the motor, shutting it down when the paddle comes in contact with the materials as against conventional rotaries that place the motor in a stalled condition.  

In addition to prolonging motor life, energy-savings are also facilitated because there is no power consumption until the bin is emptied and the drive shaft begins to rotate again.  

A fail-safe alert provides notification when power to the unit is lost.  

The BMRX rotary design includes a screw-top enclosure for easy access to motorised parts.  

BMRX series rotary paddles are CE approved and appropriate for use in hazardous conditions when explosion-proof protection is needed.

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