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Pacific Sensor Technologies introduces OEM Absolute humidity sensor

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 Pacific Sensor Technologies '-ABS-300 Absolute humidity sensors range from 0 to 130 g/m3 with an output of 0-13 mV.

PST-ABS-300 Absolute humidity sensors are ideal for harsh environment. Thermal conductivity, operations to 200°C, Condensation proof. It is immune to chemical vapours. Aluminium sensor housing and over braided shielded cable in twenty-eight inch or fifteen foot lengths

PST-ABS-300 Absolute humidity sensors may be used to control material to suitable moisture levels in drying operations. When materials are dried by heating or with a dry air purge, the increase in the absolute humidity of the air is directly proportional to the amount of water lost by the material.

These sensors can also provide feedback signal to a controller to maintain optimum moisture levels by injecting steam or atomised water into the atmosphere.

In addition, the PST- ABS-300 Absolute humidity sensors can be used to monitor chemical or combustion reactions where one of the by products is water vapour; such as in distillation, engine and fuel cells.

PST-ABS-300 Absolute humidity sensors consist of two matched thermistor elements: One is hermetically glass encapsulated in dry nitrogen; the other is exposed to the environment. When the thermistors are energised, the heat dissipated from the sealed thermistor is greater than the exposed thermistor due to the difference in thermal conductivity.

The difference in resistance between the thermistor s is directly proportional to the absolute humidity. A simple resistor network provides a 0-13mV output equal to the range of 0-130 g/m3. In addition a single PST-ABS-300 sensor may be calibrated to OHMIC’s AHT-200-01 signal conditioning card to provide 0-5 or 0-10Vdc outputs, or to the AHT-200-02 signal conditioning card to provide a 4-20 mA output.

PST-ABS-300 Absolute humidity sensors have the following specifications:

  • Range: 0-130 g/m3
  • Output 0-13 mv
  • Operation to +200°c (+392°f)
  • Immune to chemical vapors
  • Not affected by condensation
  • Cost effective, OEM pricing available

PST-ABS-300 Absolute humidity sensors are used in the following applications:

HVAC, energy management, desiccant heat recovery, clothing dryers, compressed air systems, industrial dryers, steam injected ovens, autoclaves, microwave ovens, medical air systems, food processing, engine performance, fuel cells, catalyst production.

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