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Pacific Sensor Technologies HiTemp150FP for high temperature recording

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Several industries require the use of Pacific Sensor Technologies HiTemp150FP high temperature data loggers for quality assurance, validation, thermal mapping, thermodynamics testing and product development. Data loggers with extended temperature ranges such as the Pacific Sensor Technologies HiTemp150FP are often integral components in the data acquisition process.

HiTemp150FP can be used in the following applications:

  • Dishwasher testing
  • Autoclave verification
  • Pasteurisation and Sterilisation
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Food processing and preparation
  • HACCP programmes
  • Harsh environment monitoring
  • Environmental studies

The HiTemp150FP has a small form-factor of 1.1” x 1.75” diameter (28mm x 45mm diameter)
with a probe dimension of 2.0” x 3/16” diameter (51mm x 5mm diameter). It is a low-profile, rugged, submersible data logger that hosts a 2" rigid external probe for fast response time. MadgeTech also offers custom probe lengths up to 8” (in.). The HiTemp150 has a food grade 316 stainless steel enclosure and is corrosion resistant.

The HiTemp150 records temperature readings along a -40°C to 150°C (-104°F to 302°F) range. This makes it suitable for applications requiring harsh environments. The HiTemp150 can also operate in environments from 0% to 100% relative humidity (%RH). Using a 100 Ohm Platinum RTD temperature sensor with a resolution of 0.05°C, and a calibrated accuracy of ±0.5°C, the HiTemp150 is a competitor in high temperature, high accuracy applications.

Other features of the Pacific Sensor Technologies HiTemp150FP include a memory capacity of 32,767 readings, battery life of 1 year, and a reading rate ranging from 2 seconds to 12 hours. The HiTemp150 can also be configured for an immediate or delayed start. The HiTemp150 also has a memory wrap capability which is enabled through the software.

The memory wrap feature is good for long-term failure capturing, as it keeps overwriting the oldest data. This is useful if the user only wants to review data if something goes wrong. These qualities make the HiTemp150 suitable for use in many industrial and commercial environments.

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