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PST-S3121 data logger from Pacific Sensor Technologies

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article image PST-S3121 - Temperature-hygrometer Data Loggers

Pacific Sensor Technologies  presents the new PST-S3121 temperature-hygrometer data Logger with RTD Pt1000/3850ppm sensor, designed for recording of humidity, temperature and dew point.
Included with PST-S3121 thermometer-hygrometer data loggers is dew point temperature recording with external T+RH probe. A cable length of 1 meter is standard but cable lengths 2 and 4 meters are available options. The diameter of the probe is 18mm and the length 90mm. 

PST-S3121 temperature-hygrometer data loggers have internal sensors and an external cable probe and communication is via RS232, USB, Ethernet or GSM. The data loggers have a capacity of 32,000 recorded values, a battery life up to 7 years and a robust watertight case. 

PST-S3121 temperature-hygrometer data loggers are suited to the following applications

  • Transport of food or pharmaceuticals
  • Tested by an accredited laboratory in accordance with local and international HACCP standards
  • Temperature recorders for transport
  • Storage and distribution of chilled and frozen food Food and beverage industry (HACCP)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Blood stations, pharmacies
  • Horticulture and cultivation of plants
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling)
  • Building and energy management
  • Research and development and Museums, archives, galleries
Data loggers supplied by Pacific Sensor Technologies are suited to food production, mining and mineral processing, building HVAC management, building HVAC automation, warehouses, glasshouses, manufacturers, museums, archives, galleries, air-conditioned rooms weather stations and compressed air measurement applications.

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