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PST-C350 infrared thermometers from Pacific Sensor Technologies

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Pacific Sensor Technologies Pty Ltd’s PST-C350 infrared thermometers are ideal tools for taking non-contact temperature measurements. The PST-C350 infrared thermometers are suited to the industrial, automotive, HVAC and food industries.

With a temperature range of –30degC to + 500 deg C, the PST-C350 infrared thermometer will handle all aspect of work.

The PST-C350 infrared thermometer is easy to use with a simple one-handed operation.

For the cold and frozen logistics sector, where time and temperature are crucial, the PST-C350 infrared thermometer makes taking surface temperatures a quick experience.

In the food production industry, when only a surface temperature is required, the PST-C350 infrared thermometer is the appropriate partner to the other range of PST thermometers and data loggers.

In the auto repair shop, PST-C350 infrared thermometer is suited to engine and exhaust troubleshooting.

PST-C350 infrared thermometer takes quick temperature measurements, and helps the user to diagnose temperature-related engine problems fast. Scan manifold temperature to determine low compression, scan manifold temperature for misfire condition, measure and compare exhaust system components for correct fuel/air mixture; scan both sides of the catalytic converter for temperature differences.

The PST-C350 infrared thermometer is supplied with a quality soft protective carry case.

The PST-C350 infrared thermometer has the following features:

  • Laser targeting
  • -30 degC to +500 degC temperature range
  • LCD with back light
  • C/F select switch
  • Laser on/off switch
  • Automatic power off
  • Display hold function
  • Scan function
  • 0.5 deg C resolution
  • Accuracy +- 2 degC

Quality soft protective carry case

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