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New data loggers making manufacturing more efficient

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article image MadgeTech event data logger

The Data Logger Store, a division of Pacific Sensor Technologies offers a new range of data loggers designed to increase efficiency in manufacturing environments.

MadgeTech’s counting and totalising data loggers offer factory owners the resources to monitor product output, without having someone on the floor at all times. Part of MadgeTech’s line of data loggers, the new range is supplied with data logging software to simplify storing and accessing information.

MadgeTech offers manufacturers a variety of data loggers for specific needs, such as tracking and recording production counts and identifying weaknesses in production processes.

MadgeTech’s event data loggers record when an event occurs, unlike some data loggers that only record the total number of events during a given time period. This capability enables management to measure the performance rate of manufacturing machines so that the rate can be stabilised for guaranteed output efficiency and maximised production time.

MadgeTech products allow users to harness data logging technology to streamline the manufacturing process, and fine-tune the ability to predict order fulfilment. 

Pacific Sensor Technologies offers calibration for MadgeTech data loggers.

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