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New Pressure/Temperature Transducer from Pacific Sensor Technologies

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Pacific Sensor Technologies PST-SP1500 transducer from Spectre Sensors incorporates all of the features of the PST-SP1000 with the addition of a temperature output. PST-SP1500 Pressure/Temperature Transducers

Large, raw sensor output (10-70X that of a bonded foil strain gauge device), offers long-term stability

PST-SP1500 Pressure/Temperature Transducer

RF!/EMI protection provide the most rugged and reliable transducer for industrial applications. Originally designed to withstand the rigorous testing requirements of defense and space applications,

PST-SP1500 Pressure/Temperature Transducer offers aerospace performance to the industrial marketplace.

The PST-SP1500 Pressure/Temperature Transducer has the following performance details @ 25°C (77°F)

  • Accuracy: <±0.5% BFSL (0.2% and 0.1% optional)
  • Stability (2 year): <±0.05% FS, typical
  • Over pressure protection: 2X Rated Pressure
  • Burst Pressure: 5X minimum
  • Pressure Cycles: >50 Million
  • Temperature range: -40 to +100°C (-40 to + 212°F)
  • Optional: -60 to + 130°C (-76 to +266°F)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C (±2°F)

PST-SP1500 Pressure/Temperature Transducer Electrical Data details

  • Excitation:
  • 9-36 Vdc (4-20mA and 0-5 Vdc outputs)
  • 13-36 Vdc (0-10 Vdc output)
  • Option C29: Maximum 29 Vdc excitation
  • Current consumption: <5 mA (voltage outputs)
  • Zero offset: <±.25% of FS
  • Span tolerance: <±1.0% of FS
  • Output load: >10K Ohm

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