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Microlog Plus wireless data logging system

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Pacific Sensor Technologies has introduced Microlog Plus wireless data logging system, for remote monitoring of up to 200 data loggers via the cradle technology and transmitting all real-time measurements to the PC. 

Pacific Sensor Technologies Microlog Plus wireless data logging system has the following features: 

License-free wireless communication

Handles data from up to 200 MicroLogs at up to a distance of 300m (120m US Version)

Programmable audio and visual alarms

Two open collector output for controlling other devices set at low and high alarm levels.

Screw terminal board enabling the user to conveniently power the cradle, connect external sensors and use the open collector output.

USB and Serial communication ports for the PC used for one-time cradle set-up. 

Pacific Sensor Technologies MicroLogPLUS integrates: 

The MicroLog Cradle
A mount for the logger is also a wireless (RF) transmitter that transmits readings at user-set intervals to a remote PC monitoring station for observation and data storage. The MicroLog Cradle also provides an alarm functionality, which can activate an internal audio alarm as well as control and open collector digital outputs. These allow the user to connect to any external devices when alarm thresholds are crossed. 

Screw Terminal Board
The Screw Terminal Board allows the user to connect the DC power, external sensors, contact sensors, position sensors, or alarm open/relay collectors directly to the circuit board. 

External Magnet Antennae
The External Magnet Antennae improves the strength of the RF signal, enabling transmission through obstacles such as refrigerator walls. 

Pacific Sensor Technologies MicroLog PLUS Management Control Software lets the users to control and monitor up to 200 MicroLog Logger devices from a remotely located computer, by transmitting data recordings to the receiver. Each cradle is tagged with an ID number. Cradles transmit data in different time slots according to their ID. The cradle memory can be automatically or manually downloaded every day. 

For use where there is no line of sight, due to obstacles such as stairs or walls, or where the distance between the logger and receiver is greater than 300m (120m US Version). The repeater collects the data from the MicroLogPLUS using the built-in internal receiver and, using the internal transmitter sends the data on the final leg to the PC receiver.


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