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Micro Processor colorimeters from Pacific Sensor Technologies

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Pacific Sensor Technologies  have released the Milwaukee Meters Mi406 colorimeters for free chlorine.

Milwaukee Meters Mi406 colorimeters are chlorine photometers for these applications:

  • Swimming pool treatments
  • Household cleaners
  • Dishwasher additives
Laundry powders / liquids and cooling water treatment products all contain chlorine as an oxidizing biocide. Drinking water contains residual chlorine to maintain water purity throughout the supply lines. Mi406 colorimeters are ideal for this.

Chloride is a major constituent of sea water and is extremely corrosive in acidic environments. It requires close monitoring in applications such as marine boiler systems that are affected by seawater contamination.

Chlorides are used by the water treatment professional to determine cycles of concentration in low pressure boilers and cooling systems. It is essential to monitor chloride concentrations in boiler systems to prevent metal parts being damaged. In high levels, chloride can corrode stainless steel.

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