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Irisys Thermal Imagers from Pacific Sensor Technologies

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Irisys range of thermal image cameras are new from Pacific Sensor Technologies .

Pacific Sensor Technologies' Irisys range of Thermal imagers visualise and measure the thermal heat emitted by objects so they can reveal problems in a vast range of mechanical and electrical systems in a fast, precise and highly effective way.

Pacific Sensor Technologies Irisys range of Thermal imagers identify the sources of excessive friction, defective switchgear, provide crucial information for many applications, including measuring heat loss from buildings and identifying potential blockages in heating systems.

All of this information is accessible without making contact with the subject. And as ‘irregular’ thermal emissions can indicate inefficiencies, or potential failures, measures can often be taken in time to prevent loss of production, breakdown of equipment or fire hazards.

Irisys is leading the drive to make radiometry and thermography systems viable for many more applications, enabling the technology to be used every day by inspectors and maintenance engineers, as common a tool as a screwdriver.

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