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Fluke ITS90 Fixed Point Cells from Pacific Sensor Technologies

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Fluke ITS90 fixed point cells distributed by Pacific Sensor Technologies find use in leading metrology institutes around the world.   

Offering true primary temperature standards capability, Fluke ITS90 fixed point cells are metal freeze-point cells that are very close to the theoretical freezing temperature and provide plateaus that are both stable and long lasting.  

Fluke Calibration's metal freeze-point cells are backed by over 20 years of primary standards experience.  

The metal fixed point cells are carefully constructed in Fluke’s ultra-clean, state-of-the-art lab, using high-density, high-purity graphite crucibles containing metal samples with purity of at least 99.9999% and in many cases, 99.99999%.  

The crucible is enclosed within a sealed quartz glass envelope that is evacuated and back-filled with high-purity argon gas. A special sealing technique is used to seal the cell at the freezing point. The precise pressure of the argon gas is measured and recorded to ensure accurate corrections for pressure.  

Once manufactured, all Fluke fixed point cells are tested and supplied with an assay of metal-sample purity. Every traditional size ITS90 cell further undergoes more rigorous testing in Fluke’s primary standards lab where a detailed slope analysis is performed to confirm cell purity.

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