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Combination Precision Pressure and Temperature Transducers from Pacific Sensor Technologies

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Pacific Sensor Technologies  offers the 9500 Series precision pressure and temperature transducers from Spectre Sensors.

Spectre’s 9500 Precision Series combination pressure and temperature transducers feature sensors that are manufactured, designed and calibrated to each customer’s specific operating conditions.

Each transducer output is digitally mapped to correct any non-linearity or inaccuracies in the sensor. This digital correction and the inherent advantages of the fused bond sensor provide the most accurate and flexible transducer in the industry.

Additionally, these precision pressure transducers can be designed for high pressures while still retaining accuracy in the lower pressure range (i.e., a 10,000psi sensor can accurately measure below 500psi). They can also provide high accuracy in one specific area of the pressure range (i.e., a 500psi sensor with highest accuracy band between 40-60psi).

The pressure and temperature transducers have the following features:

  • The transducers are used in applications such as industrial OEM equipment, diagnostic tools, research and development, hydraulic systems with large overpressure requirements, water measurement, refrigeration as well as data logging
  • The transducer is customised to the user’s specific temperature and pressure conditions
  • Proprietary fused bond sensor: No silicone oil, internal o-rings or welded diaphragms
  • Outputs include 4-20mA, 0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc and/or RS232
  • Pressure ranges: 0-1 to 30,000psi
  • Standard accuracy of 0.05% TEB
  • Built-in proprietary design, lightning and surge protection supplied as standard
  • Unparalleled long-term stability
  • Digital temperature correction at operating conditions


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