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Bridge strain data loggers make transportation safer

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article image MadgeTech bridge strain data logger

MadgeTech offers a wide range of data loggers including bridge strain data loggers for various monitoring applications.

A data logger is considered to be one of the best ways to monitor parameter changes in a variety of environments. In many cases, data loggers are helping to make the world a better and safer place.

For instance, millions of vehicles travel on roads and on bridges every day, transporting people and cargo. Over time, bridges can naturally lose some strength in their structure. Shifts are often not detectable by the external appearance of a bridge, even when in fact, there are structural issues developing underneath.

Regulations require that infrastructures such as bridges be monitored to ensure they are safe for use. Dataloggers make monitoring the safety of bridges possible. Bridge strain data loggers specifically gather and record information about the level of strain experienced by the bridge and the bridge’s support structure over a period of time. 

Analysing this data provides engineers the assurance that the monitored bridge has a safe and sound structure, while also alerting them to any flaws that could cause problems in future.

MadgeTech data loggers use low-level voltage sources, allowing them to withstand a variety of outdoor environments. 

Pacific Sensor Technologies offers calibration for MadgeTech data loggers.

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