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Bin Master bendable capacitance probes from Pacific Sensor Technologies

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Pacific Sensor Technologies  introduces a new range of bendable capacitance probes from Bin Master designed to fit in tight spaces and vessels with obstructions.
Pacific Sensor Technologies’ bendable capacitance probes are ideal for working in tight spaces or in vessels where obstructions prevent the installation of a straight probe. Designed to bend to avoid obstructions in a vessel, the capacitance probe still allows adequate probe surface area to confirm the presence or absence of material.
Mounted on the side of the bin, the bendable probe can be used in a wide range of solid materials or slurries. One common application for the bendable probe is for high and low level detection in smaller mixers or containers used in food processing plants.
Key features of Bin Master bendable capacitance probes:

  • Offers interference-free, fail-safe operation and ‘Quick-Set’ calibration
  • Provides interference-free operation working far below the RF level of 9 KHz at just 6 KHz
  • Will not interfere with two-way radios or other equipment operating in the radio spectrum
  • Triple-thread, screw-off cover allows easy access to internal components
  • FDA-recognised powder coat finish
  • Housing with dual conduit entries simplify wiring and installation
  • Dual time delay feature allows the user to set flexible time delays up to 30 seconds for covered and uncovered conditions

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