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Portable, entry level welding machines

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article image Welding with a portable welding machine.

ORIGOARC150 and OrigoTig150 are the latest portable welding machines from Esab. Designed and manufactured by Esab in Sweden, these entry level units are available from Pacific Industrial Supplies .

Weighing only 6.9 and 8.2kg respectively, the OrigoArc150 and OrigoTig150 welders are compact, robust, accurate and reliable.

The OrigoTig150 is suitable for TIG welding mild steel, stainless steel and other metals. The unit offers features that use Esab's proven inverter technology.

The choice of high frequency ignition or lift arc, assures the user of a reliable, safe start every time.

Other features include adjustable post gas and ramp-down to help avoid cracks and oxidation.

The OrigoTig150 can also be used for MMA welding, with features including an automatic hot start, arc force and ArcPlus. This ensures high quality welding using simple settings.

A simpler machine than the OrigoTig150, the OrigoArc150 also features Esab's inverter technology and ArcPlus for easy starting and good quality welding.

The OrigoArc150 is suitable for use with alloyed and non-alloyed steel, stainless steel and cast iron. It can be used with electrodes of up to 3.25mm in diameter.

The OrigoArc150 has a simple front panel display, showing only the current setting. Each unit has a prominent carry handle on top for portability. The controls allow the user to move into position and quickly start welding.

Both units have IP23 enclosures for outdoor use and operate from single phase mains (240V) electricity.

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