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article image Handgrips act as a protective roll cage.

PACIFIC Industrial Supplies , has released the CaddyArc 150 portable MMA Welder.

It weighs 7.7kg, with handgrips that act as a protective roll cage. It also has an impact-resistant plastic casing. Features include adjustable hot start and an adjustable arc force. This allows the unit to adapt to the electrode type quickly, while providing improved weld quality.

The control panel is easy to operate and has digital meters. The operator can adjust hot start and arc force from the control panel, as well as switch from MMA or TIG LiftArc.

Made to IP23 requirements, the unit can be used out-of-doors in rain. It works off 240V mains power and is not sensitive to power fluctuations or long cables, due to a high operating voltage and mains voltage compensation. The unit supplies dc welding power to weld metals including alloyed and nonalloyed steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The CaddyArc 150 will take most electrodes from 1.6mm-3.2mm diameter.

The ArcPlus regulator provides an intense, stable arc that is easy to control. It generates small droplets, providing a smooth burning arc. This removes the need to pause at each edge when weaving. The CaddyArc 150 also comes with remote control capability.

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