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Liquid Chlorine transfer hose from Pacific Hoseflex

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Liquid Chlorine transfer is one of the complex handling problems in the chemical industry. At regular temperatures, Chlorine is a gas possessing a strong aroma. When the gas is cooled at atmospheric pressure, it liquefies, forming clear amber liquid. PTFE is the suitable transfer medium due to its unique properties, as it is the only hose that can adequately transfer Chlorine in a safe manner.

Chlorine transfer hose from Pacific Hoseflex meets and exceeds the Chlorine Institute specification on operating and test qualifications. Pacific Hoseflex’s design resists the toughest handling and collapses. In addition, the low profile helical convolutions facilitate easy draining. Each assembly is also serialised for traceability.

Following are the features of Chlorine transfer hose:

  • Convoluted, heavy wall PTFE with an integral fibreglass cover
  • Two layers of reinforcement braid
  • Fittings include male pipe, flange retainer and hose crimped collars, all precision machined from monel type R. The 1/2” male pipe fitting is lined with PTFE
  • CPE abrasion jacket consisting of 1/8” drilled holes
  • A moulded label every 1m stating Chlorine service, part number, maximum operating pressure and temperature
  • The Crimped 304 stainless steel collar holds the CPE cover in place with a lock to the fitting behind the wrenching area

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