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Versatile materials handling blocks

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article image Lift, pull, tension, secure.

VITAL lever block from Pacific Hoists is an extremely sturdy, highly versatile tool suitable for a multitude of lifting, pulling, tensioning and securing applications.

Used extensively in shipbuilding, cool mining, forestry, power transmission, construction and other industries these heavy duty lever blocks are made from high quality material for the chain, hook, press and other sections and are manufactured using the latest processing technologies.

Light and strong the Vital NR and Vital VR lever blocks come with many standard features such as:

* One touch operation for free chain adjustment.

* Easy maintenance with fewer parts.

* Chain is tough- pitch plated to prevent rusting and ensure continuous smooth operation.

* Completely sealed brake unit to prevent something hitting the brake lever and releasing the load or dust and water entering.

* Chain ends have symmetrical pear-shaped steel plates that resist bending even when overloaded.

Complies with Australian Standard AS1418.2.

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