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New compact monorail air hoists available from Pacific Hoists

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article image EH100 compact lifting unit in test stand
For operation as a BOP Handling System JDN has developed the EH100 Monorail Air Hoists in compact design, which is now available from Pacific Hoists .

The EH100 compact monorail air hoists consists of two trolleys with a load capacity of 50 tonne each.

Centralised Pneumatic Control for four EH50 Hoists
On a BOP Handling System, consisting of four JDN EH50 Monorail Air Hoists, the control system had to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Independent control of individual hoists
  • Control of two hoists as a pair
  • Common control of all four hoists
  • Optional individual pendant control for maintenance operations

Each monorail air hoist is equipped with an emergency lowering device that allows a controlled lowering of the load in case of interruption of the air supply. This is an example of JDN being able to meet complex requirements for the pneumatic controlling of a multiple hoist installation.

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