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article image Dual lift in action.

PACIFIC Hoists has released Lift Mates lifting tools. They are small and compact and designed for daily use. The Solo and Dual Lift make lifting, stacking and delivering boxes faster and safer.

Solo lift gives the convenience of lifting and shifting boxes or parcels with one hand, leaving the other hand free to open doors. The clapping action allows the box to hang at the user’s side, allowing greater flexibility and movement. The Solo Lift reduces spine compression by over 50%.

The Dual Lift comprises two moulded handles with mounted spike plates that clap to the sides of a box. Boxes can be lifted without twisting the spine, tilting the shoulders or straining the legs.

Dual Lift reduces spine loading by allowing the shoulders to remain horizontal and the spine vertical throughout the lifting process.

Lift mates come complete with belt clip and holster, are easy to use and enable sensible lifting while reducing the risk of injury.

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