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Ezy Switch SMS controllers from Pacific Data Systems for remote monitoring and control

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Pacific Data Systems  presents the Ezy Switch, an innovative switch control device that can be used to remotely monitor and control electrical devices from a mobile phone.

Any appliance that can be switched on or off can be controlled remotely from the user’s mobile phone with Ezy Switch SMS controllers. Once the Ezy Switch hardware is connected to the electrical device, the device can be operated through simple text messages such as ‘turn on pump’ and ‘turn off pump’.

The very user-friendly Ezy Switch works on the regular mobile phone network and is controlled and programmed by simply sending an SMS.

Ezy Switch is suitable for home, office, agricultural and industrial environments, and can be used to control and monitor heating systems, security systems, agricultural pumps as well as various domestic and commercial appliances.

Multiple appliances and devices can be monitored and controlled on a single Ezy Switch. Up to 12 mobile phone users can be added by a simple text message.

Key applications of Ezy Switch SMS controllers: 

  • Domestic Appliances: Remotely power on/off hot water cylinders, swimming pool pumps and open gates
  • Security: Control and monitor specified security systems, security light sensors, smoke alarms, security gates and other wired peripherals
  • Heating and Ventilation: Remotely power on/off air-conditioning, heat pumps, central ducted systems and ventilation systems
  • Commercial Equipment: Receive alerts and notifications from monitored equipment, and remotely operate lighting and other commercial peripherals
  • Agriculture: Remotely control milk sheds and water pumps; monitor fuel tanks and irrigation equipment  

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