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PACCON Logistics has released the Tynecat, a loading device for over-length and bulky cargoes. It eliminates of the need for specialised equipment, significantly reduces product damage and streamlines supply management.

The loader operates by placing four hydraulically operated trolleys beneath suitable pallets for transporting long, heavy, or bulky cargo into standard 6m or 12m containers. It can lift 11.8m objects weighting up to 25t.

A programmable logic control system steers the Tynecat into general-purpose cargo containers. The electronic sensor controls prevent cargo, container wall, and floor damage.

The system is particularly useful in the timber and steel industries where master packs and pipe work bundles are the usual product configuration. Board products are generally shipped as break-bulk in unprotected stows, resulting in product damage. The containment of products also improves road safety conditions.

The system improves the occupational health and safety environment for employees as well as improving productivity levels. It takes two men and six minutes to unpack a container loaded by Tynecat, compared to traditional methods that take three men three and a half hours.

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